Agile works well for small, co-located teams that can hover around sticky notes on a Kanban board, and collaborate on-demand. But as initiatives become more complex, and teams become dispersed, Agile can be difficult to scale across the enterprise.

Storyteller visually decomposes initiatives and epics to drive cross-functional collaboration and ensure everyone is on the same page. Blueprint also offers scalable, enterprise-class support, along with a breadth of integrations, to ensure Business and IT alignment across the entire toolchain.

ALM and Testing Tool Integration

Storyteller integrates with more than 30 of the industry’s best Agile ALM tools, including JIRA, VersionOne, CA Agile Central, and TFS. When integrated with the other tools in your value stream, Storyteller supports collaboration and business alignment from the earliest planning stages right through to delivery thereby supporting a best-of-bread approach.

Management Reporting

Storyteller’s easy-to-use reports provide a broad, deep set of analytic metrics for business insight and better management decisions.

Support for Hybrid Methodologies

Storyteller is methodology agnostic. Whether your organization leverages Waterfall, Agile, DevOps, or perhaps a mix of several approaches across different teams and products, you can benefit from Storyteller’s upfront automation and alignment capabilities.

Enterprise Administration

Storyteller enables you to integrate with the rest of your enterprise infrastructure using REST APIs. The REST APIs allow you to query data in your Storyteller projects and use it across systems. Storyteller also allows administrators to control and manage permissions and customize projects to cater to unique customer environments.