Now more than ever organizational success requires continuous alignment of business and technology stakeholders as they innovate quickly to deliver customer value in a complex, rapidly-changing landscape.

This demands collaboration. Not ineffective communication through email and shared workspaces, but a frictionless way for everyone involved in the delivery value stream to engage with each other. It requires visibility and a laser focus on business performance and customer value. And it depends on seamless integration and an automated, orchestrated flow of information across the end-to-end toolchain.

By integrating with more than 30 Agile ALM and DevOps tools and Microsoft Office, Storyteller automates your processes and empowers everyone to engage effectively to deliver value, despite functional, technical, and geographic diversity.


  • Integration of automatically generated user stories, use cases, and test cases eliminates manual handoffs and data entry, enabling traceability, improving velocity, and dramatically decreasing rework.
  • Teams use their tools of choice, improving productivity and maximizing your investment in those toolsets.
  • Transparency across the value stream toolchain provides real-time information and reveals bottlenecks

Robust Collaboration, Simplified

  • Stakeholders engage easily to share information from within the productivity tools they use every day – email, Microsoft Office, Agile ALM tools, and testing platforms.
  • Timely, relevant feedback flows smoothly across a business-focused DevOps value chain, keeping everyone in sync.
  • Collaborative discussions are stored in context to preserve valuable corporate knowledge for historical reference.

A Unified Focus on Customer Value

  • Previously siloed teams are united and aligned with each other to deliver on common enterprise objectives.
  • Traceability to business goals across multiple tools in the value stream focuses people on the most important work.
  • Simplified measurement of business performance informs future delivery cycles.

Storyteller connects people and information across the delivery value stream.

  • Integrate with more than 30 Agile ALM and DevOps tools, including JIRA, Rally, VersionOne, HP ALM, Microsoft TFS, and QASymphony, to synchronize automatically generated use cases, test cases, non-functional requirements and business information in real-time.
  • Import requirements from Microsoft Word and Visio using BlueDocs to preserve the valuable, information-rich knowledge contained in legacy documentation.
  • Produce requirements documentation in commonly used, customized file types, like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Visio, to improve understanding.
  • Develop your own integrations with open access to the Blueprint REST API.


Blueprint offers requirements management software with detailed traceability, content repositories, visual requirements, reuse, Agile application life-cycle management (ALM) integration, management reporting, and user story generation.

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