Blueprint works alongside some of the industry's best tools. Blueprint's large portfolio of integrations, such as Rally, Jira, VersionOne and TFS, all support Agile development methodologies. These integrations help reduce cost and align cross-departmental teams. Blueprint exchanges information with other enterprise tools via either the import/export of files, or through direct communication with other products. It is through these integrations that Blueprint fulfills its role as a best-of-breed requirements capability within an overall SDLC environment.


Blueprint integrates seamlessly with the most popular Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) products in the industry, by synchronizing content between them. In an Agile environment, the need for formal requirements beyond the 'user story' increases with the size and complexity of the project. Integration between Blueprint and an Agile ALM tool such as Rally, VersionOne, JIRA, or Microsoft TFS provides a powerful, complete team solution for projects using an enterprise Agile process.


Using Blueprint's BlueDocs feature, you can efficiently convert rich content from existing and legacy Word documents into our requirements software solution. Using innovative, patented technology, BlueDocs actually learns your documentation 'patterns' over time, so the more documents there are to convert, the more efficient BlueDocs becomes.


Blueprint also provides the capability to output data into a commonly used file like Excel, Visio or Word. Using Blueprint's Microsoft plugin, authors can quickly customize or create the document templates they need for document generation, in a manner that conforms to corporate brand standards. Having a template means you always have up-to-date requirements documents with precisely the information each individual needs.

How is Blueprint different?

Unlike other solutions, which can be static and one-dimensional, Blueprint offers:

  • Specific mapping of how Blueprint integrates with other ALM tools as bi-directional or unidirectional and the determination of how often synchronization occurs (every second, every hour, at a certain time, etc.)
  • Patented BlueDocs technology which learns as it goes and becomes more efficient over time
  • The detection and conversion of hierarchy, custom properties, custom types, trace relationships, attachments and even comments from source documents
  • Generation of customizable Word documents
  • BPMN 2.0 compliance with an ability to map to Visio automatically and consistently