With Blueprint, you can automatically generate tests based on requirements to guarantee coverage, reduce errors, and speed development.

Auto generation of tests empowers users to specify, manage and execute tests in a manner that is well integrated with Blueprint’s requirements management and collaboration features for improved efficiency and communication, productivity, test quality and test coverage.

The Test Generation feature also ensures that:

  • Traceability between tests and requirements is created automatically
  • Tests can be exported in multiple, commonly-used formats

Tests automatically generated by Blueprint can be exported to a csv. file, or directly populated into some of the industry’s leading testing suites. This powerful testing solution drives efficiency, removes errors and delays from the process, and brings together Business with their Testing counterparts.

How is Blueprint different?

Blueprints Test Generation feature saves time, resources and helps to mitigate risk. With Blueprint

  • A comprehensive set of tests is automatically generated directly from the requirements.
  • Blueprint ensures complete coverage of usage scenarios and/or requirements information
  • Auto generation of tests works for complex and interrelated requirements


Getting it right the first time around means less rework and resulting cost savings.

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