With Blueprint, you quickly and easily trace relationships between requirements to provide deep, granular insight into project details. Detailed traceability provides visibility into the impact of proposed changes through impact analysis. But, traceability is limited and difficult to execute with precision. Blueprint's detailed traceability feature:

  • Provides granular data to make informed decisions
  • Is easily accessed throughout the software
  • Quickly depicts dependencies visually
  • Is critical in performing complete analysis

Because traceability with Blueprint is so precise, it helps assess impact, confirm coverage and manage the scope of large IT projects. Icons indicate when an artifact has traces, which provides context and ensures that these relationships are top of mind. Furthermore, trace relationships appear during simulations and in reviews, which leads to related requirements information and enhanced visibility.

Blueprint's Impact Analysis enables product owners and Business Analysts to investigate how a specific requirement impacts the overall project. Impact Analysis addresses project changes in a myriad of ways, from investigating the change in a particular requirement, to understanding the persona definition associated with a set of user stories, or assessing a compliance risk, etc. Blueprint provides effective oversight on changes affecting a project, providing data and direction to project stakeholders on how to measure, manage, and address change.

How is Blueprint different?

Unlike other tools, Blueprint enables tracing of user stories back to specific features, diagrams or steps in a business model to properly capture dependencies. Blueprint offers:

  • Capture relationships with precision. Trace from any step or decision in a business process diagram to a rule or requirement
  • Trace user stories back to original business needs to ensure you're building the right solution
  • Nonfunctional requirements and business rules trace to acceptance criteria in user stories to ensure nothing is missed
  • Create traces through simple drag and drop for unparalleled ease of use


New agile requirements tools like Blueprint Software Systems’ Storyteller combine user story generation with traceability.

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