When IT is misaligned from business goals, an essential link is broken and innovation is undermined as a result. Storyteller helps bridge the Business-IT gap as the product moves through the downstream DevOps tool chain.

Whereas the traditional DevOps loop is focused on automation post code-commit, Storyteller automates business planning activities at the front end of the SDLC – driving an essential ‘Biz’ oriented loop, and ensuring alignment right through to delivery.

Centralization and Reuse

AI and automation capabilities are only as good as your data repository. Whereas GitHub and testing repositories allow for automation of downstream activities, Storyteller centralizes your requirements, artifacts, epics and user stories upfront, to drive automation at the front end of the SDLC, and to power future AI and machine learning features.

Automated Workflow

The Storyteller Workflow feature enforces standardization, task assignment and the automation of common manual tasks. It guides stakeholders to efficiently support business alignment throughout solution planning and delivery.

Visual Solution Models

Storyteller’s visual modeling enables business and IT stakeholders to collaboratively define customer journeys, value streams, and business processes. Visual models enable stakeholders across the organization to participate in decomposing features to a granular scale, while maintaining the context of the overall business goals.

Usage Scenario Walkthrough

Storyteller’s Walkthrough feature guides teams to design more compelling applications by simulating the end user experience, enabling intuitive design review and collaboration. Walkthrough empowers users to review a streamlined, structured user journey with functionality, to click through the screen mockups and user choices of a process model.

Automated User Story Generation

Storyteller accelerates delivery by automatically generating a complete set of high-quality, well-formatted, consistent User Stories and synchronizing them with the third-party application lifecycle management tool of choice.

Functional Automated Test Generation

The test generation functionality allows users to automatically generate functional tests from visual models. This feature generates consistent, well-formatted test cases in Excel format, which can then be delivered to a third-party test management platform, enforcing business-IT alignment throughout the value stream. With Storyteller, users can also auto-generate acceptance tests in Gherkin feature files from high-quality user stories.