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Blueprint and Storyteller help public sector organizations collaborate across the enterprise to manage risk, improve quality, and reduce rework, while getting their products to market faster than ever.

  • Achieve, Maintain, and Prove Compliance

    Compliance with regulations such as Dodd-Frank, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, the Corporate Governance Annual Disclosure Model Act as well as best practices ensures quality, reduces risk, and prevents the costly consequences of non-compliance. Blueprint solutions help you achieve it and maintain it as requirements change. Detailed traceability and reporting capabilities provide robust support for audits – even down to a very detailed level – so you can prove compliance when needed.

  • Collaborate

    With Blueprint’s collaboration capabilities, all users participate in a social media-like manner, ensuring that interested parties not only see – but understand – all of the requirements for your projects. All conversations are stored and correlate directly to the specific items and versions that are being discussed. This information is available for later examination and audit. This feature leads to improved engagement and more collaborative discussion across the organization.

  • Make Better Decisions

    Blueprint provides end-to-end visibility of both Agile and traditional IT requirements in one place, so you can share information and corporate knowledge easily within your organization and with other public sector partners. Management analytics and reporting capabilities provide you with valuable insight to guide direction and pivot when needed.

  • Reduce Costs and Increase Speed to Compete

    With Blueprint, your institution benefits from fewer defects, less rework, and improved speed through strong business and IT alignment. Everyone has a shared understanding and you know that requirements – whether Agile user stories or traditional requirements – align with overall strategy.

No matter the size, scope or breadth of your public sector institution, Blueprint’s enterprise-ready application lifecycle management platform boosts the success of large IT initiatives, reduces risk, and ensures compliance with these key, strategic features and solutions.

Content Accelerators

Blueprint’s Content Accelerators speed delivery and improve quality for the public sector by providing easy access to predefined, validated, reusable sets of requirements information, including expert interpretations and requirements for many common industry regulations including those related to electronic records and electronic signatures. We also provide an industry-leading Non-Functional Content Accelerator, empowering teams with a library of categories and elicitation questions for common non-functional requirements, like those for performance, security, and compliance. Teams don’t start with a blank page, and they always know they have the most current regulatory information.

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Detailed Traceability

With precise traceability between requirements, tests, and supporting information, teams can easily navigate between related artifacts, like process models, user stories, and test results to ensure requirements and test case coverage. These connections also provide institutions with the ability to confirm they have delivered what is needed to achieve, maintain, and prove compliance, an undeniably critical need for public sector institutions today.

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Impact Analysis

Blueprint’s powerful impact analysis capabilities enable teams to quickly see how a change to one artifact, for example a business objective, impacts others, like requirements, user stories, visual models, and tests. When change happens, Blueprint and Storyteller help you understand its impacts easily, reducing risk and rework.

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Requirements Reuse

Many requirements are common across an organization. Blueprint and Storyteller provide requirements reuse capabilities that enable institutions to define these requirements once and use them across projects and teams to speed delivery, improve quality, and reduce risk.

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Entperise Class Services and Support

Blueprint boosts adoption across your organization by supporting our enterprise-ready software platform with a Customer Success Manager, eLearning options, professional services, end user support, and a robust partner ecosystem to ensure success. We are here to help you succeed.

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