Blueprint's powerful reporting capability lets managers monitor not just individual projects, but the entire project portfolio. Status updates and early warnings are delivered to the right people at the right time to prevent problems before they occur. With Blueprint, senior management enjoys enhanced visibility into the crucial and early stages of large, complex IT projects, to detect issues, localize root causes, and remedy problems proactively.

Reports can be split into three different types, and reviewed accordingly:


Status Reports

  • Indicate performance at any given point in time
  • Can review from a portfolio, project, or requirement/test point of view

Trend Reports

  • Indicate how things are progressing over a period of time
  • Assess and predict based on previous data

Insight Reports

  • Indicate why things are happening and what is influencing performance

How is Blueprint different?

Blueprint's Management Reporting feature, unlike many other solutions on the market, allows for cross project analysis and greater granularity. With Blueprint, users can:

  • Maintain a separation between the reporting and transaction (data cube/star schema) database which preserves performance and scalability, no matter the number of users or reports
  • Integrate with many other BI tools
  • Conduct comparison analysis across an entire portfolio of projects