Some of the most complex and pressing challenges that organizations face are related to regulatory compliance in IT. Too often, development teams misinterpret critical regulations and standards, and it becomes costly and time-consuming to fix these oversights. Storyteller helps organizations reduce the risk around compliance by defining and standardizing compliance requirements, enabling transparency, auditability and documentation through the entire DevOps toolchain.

If you are seeking to achieve compliance not only in IT, but across the broader organization, check out Blueprint Regulatory Compliance Manager (RCM)


Baselines create formal, permanent records of release, feature sets, and enhancements for historical reference and audit. Baselines act as reference points, allowing you to view the details of a grouping of artifacts as they were at a certain point in time. This is accomplished by adding artifacts to a Baseline and sealing it with the current date, or a chosen past date. Baselines are typically created and sealed at milestone events in a project lifecycle.

Traceability and Impact Analysis

With Storyteller, users can reduce the risk of responding to rapidly changing requirements by automatically tracing relationships between artifacts, and viewing these relationships through an Impact Analysis. Automating traceability promotes ongoing feedback, enabling stakeholders to manage changes as they occur.

Centralization, Reuse and Standardization

Storyteller improves efficiency and enforces standards by enabling users to store and reuse internally predefined, validated content from a centralized repository. When defining the requirements of a product, teams can leverage pre-approved documentation, and refer to that documentation directly within their product’s artifacts.

Regulatory Solution Accelerators

Users can easily access prepackaged, enterprise standard content in a central repository to kick-start projects, speed implementation, and reduce risk.