Ensure compliance by easily tracing data lineage, collecting evidence for audit requirements and managing the impact of changing regulations and standards.

Risk and compliance executives need to balance the competing interests of accelerating the business while carefully managing the pressures of increasingly complex regulatory demands. Achieving this balance is expensive and resource intensive especially for complex projects involving disparate teams, sometimes across geographies. Blueprint RegTech helps you achieve this balance.

How does RegTech Help?

RegTech helps in three critical ways:

Trace data lineage

With Blueprint RegTech, you can easily trace relationships between requirements to provide deep, granular insight into data lineage.

Manage impact of new and changing regulations

Blueprint RegTech provides pre-packaged content for specific industry regulations. These Accelerators not only speed delivery, but also mitigate the risk of non-compliance.

Locate evidence across projects

Requirements and associated evidence artifacts that relate directly to regulations and audit can be easily reused across projects. This helps to assure that from project to project, certified evidence for each regulation can be easily tracked and located.

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