Organizations in highly regulated industries are eager to accelerate delivery and enhance efficiencies, while addressing the increasing pressures of regulatory demands. Balancing these two opposing interests can be especially tricky for complex projects, involving disparate teams, sometimes across geographies. Blueprint bridges this gap.

Leverage Detailed Traceability

With Blueprint, you can easily trace relationships between requirements to provide deep, granular insight into project details. Because traceability is so precise, it helps assess impact, confirm coverage and manage the scope of large IT projects. Icons indicate when an artifact has traces, which provides context and ensures that these relationships are top of mind. Furthermore, trace relationships appear during simulations and in reviews, which leads to related requirements information and enhanced visibility.

Speed Up Delivery with Compliance Accelerators

Blueprint provides pre-packaged content for specific industry regulations. These Accelerators not only speed delivery, but also mitigate the risk of non-compliance. By providing these resources to all stakeholders, right out of the gate, teams feel confident that all compliance considerations are being addressed at the start of the project.

Reuse Regulatory and Audit Requirements

Non-functional requirements that relate directly to regulations and audit can be easily repurposed across projects. This helps to assure that, from project to project, regulatory interests will be preserved and reflected. Furthermore, sensitivity profiles can be established to help manage any changes to reused requirements. This protects against any potential oversights or misunderstandings relative to things like access security, data confidentiality, data availability, authentication, logging and audibility.