Blueprint Customer Success Managers (CSMs) are your primary points of contact for all ongoing needs following Blueprint installation & deployment.

With our CSMs, you can expect:

Customer Adoption Plan

Creating a balanced scorecard and roadmap of how to best achieve adoption within your organization

Employee Onboarding & Training Assistance

Determining how to roll out Blueprint across your organization, and what learning opportunities are available to ensure your IT project success

Consistent Availability

Establishing clear points of contact and regularly scheduled meetings to ensure your questions are being addressed.

Quarterly Business Reviews

Scheduling a retrospective of how your Blueprint adoption is going, including an Executive Steering Committee touchpoint.

Implementation & Training

Upon your decision to implement Blueprint, our Customer Success team works with you to determine your organizational needs with the assistance of our Professional Services and Education teams. During this initiation phase, you‘ll make key contacts to ensure your comfort and confidence in the training and knowledge transfers provided, so you can jumpstart your IT projects and attain the ROI you are looking for.

Adoption & Engagement

Once implementation of Blueprint is complete, the transition to our Customer Success Managers (CSMs) is a crucial step in ensuring that you have the key point-of-contact for your ongoing Blueprint adoption. From mentoring to additional training needs, as well as engagement by Support, Product, and Executive teams, our CSMs work alongside you to help promote adoption and garner success by using Blueprint within your organization.

Continuous Improvement

Our dedicated Support Team and established Blueprint processes support your ongoing maintenance of Blueprint. Regular communications and CSM interactions provide notifications of new releases, status checks of your support tickets, and identification of any potential service opportunities to better assist your IT projects in reaching their corporate objectives.