Alignment of requirements and tests is critical for software success, and it depends on a holistic, end-to-end solution that connects people and synchronizes information seamlessly across the application lifecycle. Blueprint helps you accomplish this by auto-generating tests from high quality user stories and delivering them into Blueprint QAS, putting powerful, easy-to-use test management capabilities in the hands of your testing teams. The crucial requirements and testing loop has been closed, and the benefits are clear.

Improved Alignment

  • All business and IT stakeholders stay on the same page since requirements and tests are always in sync.
  • The entire team has better visibility and a shared understanding of business objectives and an ability to confirm they've been met.
  • The business gets what it really needs, because tests can be easily traced back to business strategies and requirements.

Higher Quality

  • Test quality and coverage are improved, because they are always derived from the most up-to-date requirements.
  • Complete traceability and change management are built in, because tests are linked directly to business requirements.
  • 100% path coverage from generated requirements, with little-to-no manual effort.

Faster Delivery

  • Automatic generation of tests from requirements eliminates the need for the development or testing team to manually create them.
  • Robust capabilities to track, manage, and organize tests simplify testing and test management efforts.
  • Improved test quality and test management practices reduce rework, helping teams deliver at an Agile pace.