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As the Enterprise Agile Planning market continues to be disrupted by innovative vendors like Blueprint, Storyteller 3.0’s new and enhanced capabilities further improve productivity, user experience, and the ability to scale.

Toronto, ON – May 7, 2018Blueprint Software, a leading Agile planning, requirements and compliance management software company, announced the release of Storyteller 3.0 today, the most recent iteration of its market-leading platform for enterprise-scale Agile planning and delivery.

This latest release of Storyteller delivers significant innovations to the enterprise Agile planning market, improving on a solution that has garnered increasing recognition from analysts and Global 2000 organizations alike since its initial debut in 2016.

Recently recognized on Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Agile Planning Tools, Blueprint has built Storyteller to be a uniquely visual-based offering in this market. As a solution that boasts all of the same capabilities as tools like JIRA, plus game-changing features that go above and beyond traditional agile planning and work management tools, Storyteller is a “one-stop shop” that consolidates all of an organization’s agile planning and management needs into a single platform, and is aptly positioned to enable the new wave of Agile development Gartner has predicted.

The most anticipated enhancements delivered in Storyteller’s latest release include automated webhooks, a new Collection View of artifacts, enhancements to the Review and follow-up process, and improvements to the solution’s user interface.

Webhooks add increased automation to the SDLC

The addition of webhooks makes it easy for stakeholders to detect and respond to events or changes happening within Storyteller. Webhooks trigger activities that notify and engage stakeholders to take next steps within other applications in the Agile toolchain, and notifications can be sent through Outlook, Slack, Trello, or other collaboration tools in the enterprise. This ensures all stakeholders are up-to-date on the progress of the release and eliminates the manual effort of progressing delivery status and engaging the right stakeholders. 

Collection View simplifies management of large numbers of artifacts

Storyteller’s new Collection View provides a single consolidated view of Epics, User Stories, Compliance Requirements, NFRs, and other artifacts within your collection, making it easy to define and manage multiple artifacts simultaneously. The ability to take bulk actions on multiple artifacts accelerates product planning activities, while quick editing of artifacts increases agility and responsiveness of feedback.

Follow-Up Reviews and other enhancements streamline the review process

The latest release of Storyteller enables continuous Business and IT alignment by streamlining the revision and update review process. Users can create follow-up review requests for only the artifacts updated since the last baseline was established, reducing barriers to collaboration and increasing review effectiveness. Users can also track participant status across artifact versions and reviews to enable continuous alignment with stakeholders.

UI enhancements increase productivity and improve the user experience

Blueprint has made significant enhancements to Storyteller’s user experience by providing a clean and modern user interface based on the latest UI technology. Intuitive navigation improves productivity and minimizes the learning curve for new users, allowing them to ramp up quickly, while 1-click access streamlines the user experience by providing consistency and increased usability.

“Automation is the future of the Agile enterprise,” says Ruth Zive, CMO at Blueprint. “For our users, there is an inherent need to automate processes, both in upfront planning stages and throughout the development lifecycle. This latest release improves upon the automation capabilities already within Storyteller to deliver greater efficiency and value to our customers.” 

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