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7 Ways Task Capture Accelerates RPA Delivery

Organizations are increasingly turning to process discovery tools to accelerate their digital transformations. One way they’re leveraging this technology is to increase the velocity of their automation delivery and boost the volume of identified RPA opportunities in their pipeline.

Unfortunately, the use of process mining and task mining tools has delivered meek results. Because these tools use machine learning to discover and document processes, they produce mountains of data that are next to impossible to make sense of.

Having to dedicate resources to scrub that data just to get a clear picture of your current-state processes is a big ask, especially considering how expensive process and task mining tools are.

For that reason, more and more organizations are turning to task capture solutions instead for their process discovery needs to drive their digital transformations forward. Primarily, they’re especially using task capture to identify more automation opportunities with ease and accelerate RPA development.

What is Task Capture?

Task capture is a process discovery technology that documents your current-state processes to drive any digital transformation activity you have in mind—whether that’s process improvement, process reengineering, retraining, outsourcing, or automation.

It works by using a web-based or even local recorder. Employees manually trigger this recorder to capture them executing a process. The task capture solution then records every mouse click, keyboard entry, and hotkey, taking a screenshot at every step and mapping the captured process into a process editor for analysis, optimization, and eventually automation development and delivery.

These are the 7 ways task capture solutions accelerate RPA delivery to drive your digital transformation forward:

1-Task Capture Collects the Lower-Level Details Needed for Automation

Defining a process simply isn’t enough to accelerate automation. What’s needed is the low-level details like the apps, actions, and parameters in the sequenced flow of the task. That’s exactly what task capture solutions do—they capture and populate the contextualized process workflows in high detail to provide the precise guidance needed for bot development.

2-Task Capture Empowers Citizen Designers

The idea of the Citizen Developer driving automation never materialized. RPA tools are simply too technical for the average business user. Your organization, however, already has numerous Citizen Designers who can define the high-level processes and design automations with ease. With task capture solutions, they can now collect the low-level details needed to populate RPA pipelines and accelerate RPA development.

3-Task Capture Eliminates Manual Work

Task capture removes the heavy, complex manual analysis that machine-based process and task mining tools leave you with. Instead, task capture solutions deliver the critical information needed, like the specific details and screenshots of each step required for high-quality RPA development. Gathering this information is done with a fraction of the effort required by other process discovery tools.

4-Task Capture Generates All the Necessary RPA Documentation You Need

Expanding on the previous point, task capture solutions are also designed to generate the documentation needed to drive RPA development. These generated documents contain the rich context and details that are captured from the task recording, which your RPA developers can pick up to get a head start on development with very precise guidelines.

5-Task Capture Facilitates RPA Candidate Identification

By capturing a task and collecting all the contextual information, your Citizen Designers and RPA Center of Excellence (CoE) can rapidly validate whether the task is a viable automation candidate. They can instantly see how many applications the task interacts with, how many steps are involved, and the complexity of dependencies that can influence RPA identification and prioritization.

6-Task Capture Allows you to Optimize and Edit Captured Tasks

One of the biggest pain points with process and task mining tools is that they don’t have an editable canvas where discovered processes can be modified. Task capture solutions usually provide easy-to-use process editors that enable all Citizen Designers to modify and optimize any captured task, which is a critical and essential step in the RPA design phase.

7-Task Capture Enables Easier and More Accurate Dependency Mapping

Task capture solutions not only capture the various applications that the task interacts with; they also provide your Citizen Designers with the opportunity to precisely add all critical dependencies like business rules, regulations, and other systems, however, some solutions, like Blueprint Task Capture, are much better at doing that than others.

Blueprint Task Capture: The Ideal Solution to Accelerate Your RPA Delivery

Blueprint Task Capture contains all of the above capabilities that accelerate RPA delivery and more. What sets Blueprint’s task capture solution apart from the rest of the options available in the market is that it’s not tied to a single RPA platform; a captured process can be converted to a Digital Blueprint and synced with any of the leading RPA platforms for rapid, high-quality development.

Our solution can also tell you the percentage of your task that’s immediately compatible and automatable with your RPA tool of choice, so you can identify which tasks and processes can be automated the quickest and deliver the most value. Blueprint’s AI-assisted modeling also helps your Citizen Designers identify and include key dependencies, enabling proactive change management that leads to less outages and more business value delivered from your RPA initiatives.

Want to learn more? Download the Blueprint Task Capture datasheet to see all the ways our task capture solution can accelerate your RPA delivery and boost ROI.

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