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Delivering enhanced features to help organizations clearly communicate and collaborate on the design of solutions, systems, and processes at scale, Blueprint’s latest release of Storyteller provides significant innovation to the agile planning market.

February 15, 2018 - Toronto, ON: Blueprint Software Systems, a leading provider of Agile planning and regulatory change management solutions, announced today the release of Storyteller 4.0, the latest evolution of the solution that previously made waves across the industry and landed on Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Agile Planning tools.

With new and updated capabilities, Storyteller’s highly-anticipated release delivers features that will help Blueprint customers clearly communicate and collaborate on the design of solutions, systems and processes more easily, as well as scale the ingest and management of large sets of data.

“The latest release of Storyteller increases the efficiency, collaboration, and stakeholder alignment in our customers’ Agile, continuous delivery, and DevOps processes,” says Dan Shimmerman, CEO of Blueprint. “Working with our customers, Storyteller continues to evolve to ensure it addresses the key challenges enterprise organizations encounter when scaling Agile and delivering high velocity releases in an orchestrated manner.”

Some of the most anticipated capabilities in the Storyteller 4.0 release include:

  • Universal Model Editor (UME) - The next phase of UME allows users to visualize the design of solutions, systems, and processes in high fidelity. With the introduction of 3 new shapes libraries, the enhanced diagram & design editor allows users to create the most complex of models, including UML Use Cases, Flowcharts, Entity Relationship Models, and more.
  • Bulk Edit - This new feature allows users to efficiently and effectively manage change within large sets of data and adjust multiple artifacts and their respective properties in a single streamlined user action.
  • Excel Import - Users will be able to author large sets of artifacts offline in bulk efficiency using Excel, as well as: 
    • Import artifacts in bulk via an Excel file
    • Seamlessly import valuable legacy information directly into the new strategic Storyteller repository
    • Populate data from third-party solutions into Storyteller in a structured hierarchical format
  • Cross Project Move: Move artifacts from one project to another and re-structure your Storyteller repository to reflect a changing or growing business environment

Alongside the recent release of Storyteller 4.0, Blueprint has also spent a great deal of effort over the past year developing RCM, a powerful and effective regulatory change management solution.

RCM has been purpose-built to help enterprise organizations in highly-regulated industries mature their current Governance, Risk and Compliance practices by providing much needed context, collaboration and precision. This allows them to much more effectively manage risk and compliance across both their business and agile development initiatives.

By providing functionality that allows enterprise organizations to easily identify, assess, remediate, monitor and prove compliance throughout the entire development lifecycle, RCM delivers the visibility needed to effectively manage regulatory compliance at scale. By offering an integrated, holistic approach to regulatory change management within an agile environment, Blueprint RCM is positioned to help organizations avoid paying millions of dollars in potential compliance fines, while allowing them to become more proactive in their risk programs by identifying problems before they occur.

About Blueprint:

Blueprint provides industry-leading agile planning and compliance management solutions that accelerate and de-risk the digital transformation of large organizations. Our products – Blueprint Storyteller and Blueprint RCM – resolve the complex development and compliance challenges many IT organizations face. These closed-loop solutions drive innovation, collaboration, and alignment; ensure regulatory compliance; and protect the business value of products from definition to delivery.

More than half of all Fortune 100 companies across the globe have chosen Blueprint to automate their most complex digital transformation challenges.

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