Global Pharmaceutical Company Expands the use of Blueprint after Project Success

“The introduction of Blueprint has allowed us to gain control over our requirements, and realize efficiencies we never imagined possible.”

Sr Solution Manager

Company Profile

The global pharmaceutical company within this report is large enterprise organization with an annual revenue greater than 2 billion and more than 5000 employees.


Global Pharmaceutical Company



Number of Employees

Large Enterprise

centralized repository1

Integrated Past Requirements
Into the Centralized Repository
Improved Organizational Productivity

Traceability and Trackability

Improved Traceability Helped
Teams Deliver Projects
Faster & Effectively


Seamless Integrations
Ensured Teams Aligned
For Greater Efficiency

"Since we've implemented Blueprint across all of our teams, we have been able to accomplish a lot more, in less time than before with legacy systems like Microsoft Office and SharePoint"

Sr Solution Manager

Challenges Faced

This global enterprise needed to develop a strategy that allowed them to deliver on business- critical initiatives while properly tracking requirements.

Business-Critical Project Failure 

Teams did not manage projects correctly due to poor communication and requirements management. Which caused confusion and project overruns.

Inadequate Tool Stack 

As the volume of requirement information increased the tools in place were unable to manage and track the appropriate changes. 

Poor Stakeholder Relationships 

Business and development teams were not aligned causing confusion amongst team members, leading to stakeholder frustration and delayed project delivery. 

Choosing Blueprint

Blueprint was the only requirements management and centralized repository tool that was able to offer the organization the features and functionalities they needed to create these changes. They ultimately chose Blueprint because of its:

Centralized Repository

  • Blueprints centralized repository provided storage, security, version control, and collaborative access to all requirements.
  • By importing past requirements into the centralized repository teams were able to preserve the requirement hierarchy and custom requirement properties.
  • Reference documents were also imported allowing them to be centrally controlled. 


  • Having consistent and current documentation along with reliable references increased the organizations ability to use automation.
  • Improved traceability allowed teams to manage a multitude of files and documents increasing the delivery of projects.

Reuse of Requirements 

  • The ability to store documentation and past requirements allowed team members to go back and reuse or modify them when needed.
  • This shortened development lifecycles, improved business-IT alignment and product quality.


With the implementation of a centralized repository, requirements management and traceability were significantly improved. Access to a centralized repository helped team members track and close exposed gaps, prevent inconsistencies, and save resources. With Blueprints integrations, the organization properly align themselves making them more efficient and cohesive.

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