Large Insurance Provider Leverages Blueprint to Reduce Risk and Ensure Compliance

“Instituting Blueprint has allowed our teams to focus on what’s important, with the confidence of knowing the requirements information is current and accurate.”

Sr IT Analyst

Company Profile

Operating in a highly regulated industry means this Insurance provider has to closely monitor the documents they provide to policy holders. These documents are automatically generated by the company’s IT applications.  Errors result in change requests, reputation damage, questionable credibility, and it can be expensive.

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Insurance Provider



Number of Employees

Large Enterprise

Integration with Legacy Systems

Integrated Legacy Systems
Reduced Rework Time
and Enhanced Team Capabilities

Automated Use Case Scenarios

Automated Use
Case Scenarios
Enabled Business-IT Collaboration

Centralized Repository of Requirements

Centralized Repository
of Requirements
Effectively Streamlined the
Requirements Definition Phase

"The Centralized Requirements Repository has saved as so much time. It automatically updates for new compliance regulations, and its traceability capabilities help us keep track of documentation avoiding rework."

Sr Solution Manager

Challenges Faced

A challenge identified by the company is how applications requirements are defined and managed. Traditionally, the company invested a huge amount of effort into reviews to ensure requirements were met correctly. As the business continued to grow, systems became more complex. The company knew that to remain effective their current approach would set them back and leave them and their policy holders exposed to greater risk.

When they began to consider integrating Blueprint, the organization had begun a large IT project involving a customer-facing web-based application. This large project was taken as an opportunity to explore new and innovative approaches that would help them better define and manage their requirements.

Finding a tool that would take-on these challenges was crucial for the organization as there would be a beneficial ripple-effect throughout the development, testing, deployment, and operations of the application. This would reduce a number of issues that threatened application quality

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Choosing Blueprint

After studying the various requirements definition products on the market, they chose Blueprint, the one solution that:

  • Covered the breadth of requirements aspects they needed (user interfaces, use cases and scenarios, data, business rules)
  • Supported all requirements definition phases from elicitation through to acceptance, in addition to requirements management
  • Provided the integrations they needed with their other software development tools
  • Had a requirement change management capability that was both intuitive and enterprise class.

Moving Forward 

Some business analysts were initially hesitant to change from their established, traditional approaches that they were familiar with. After attending a Blueprint course and realizing the value this approach would bring to their job of defining their applications and the projects as a whole, suddenly “the light’s turned on” and all were excited about applying Blueprint.

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