Pension Provider Chooses Blueprint to Streamline Their Agile Transformation

“Using Blueprint was almost like debugging the requirements. It may have taken the same amount of time, but the results were a whole lot better.”

IT Vice President

Company Profile

The pension provider outlined in this report is a large enterprise organization with annual revenue greater than 2 billion and more than 5000 employees.


Pension Provider


Financial Services

Number of Employees


Centralized Repository for Requirements Management

Centralized Repository
for Requirements Management
Reduced Inconsistency
and Rework

Automatically Generated Documentation

Auto-Generated Documentation
Ensured Teams Had
Access to Most
Relevant Information

Trackability Reduces Non-Compliance Risk

Version Control Features
Lowered Risk of

"Blueprint enables them to do far more than they could in Microsoft Office and SharePoint."

Sr Solution Manager

Challenges Faced

The key application for this enterprise was hosted on a AS400 platform designed to handle tax referrals. It required enhancements because it was critical to their business and it managed a significant number of policy members and pension processes. The enhancement of this legacy system was a challenge due to the number of existing features and the current compliance requirements.

Poor Communication 

It was not uncommon for QA, Developers, and Analyst to contact users directly because information they received was incomplete or imprecise.

Reliance on Legacy Systems

Legacy caused tracking redundancies preventing requirements consolidation across the enterprise.

Requirement Management 

System-imposed constraints had to be considered when defining requirements. The manual process required to identify constraints often lead to unclear requirements, rework, and mismanagement of resources.  

Choosing Blueprint

As system-imposed constraints continued to rise it became clear that changes needed to be made.  Blueprint was the only solution that enabled the organization to transition away from their legacy systems, while teams concurrently redefined their requirements practice. They ultimately chose Blueprint because of its: 

Centralized Repository for Requirement Management

  • Newly defined requirements could easily be referenced, and legacy information was transferred from applications such as Microsoft Office and PDF documents.
  • Developing a company-wide repository helped the organization reduce requirement inconsistencies and decreased rework.
  • An improved understanding of requirements helped better define business processes and user applications.

 Reducing Compliance Risk

  • Blueprints version control features allowed information to change while providing a full history breakdown for all users.
  • Blueprints environment ensured all user sensitive documentation was secured.
  • Business stakeholders benefited from this functionality to enable greater collaboration across the organization, aligning the business with compliance regulations

Simulation & Collaboration

  • By leveraging Blueprints live simulation model, development teams had access to complete traceability related to requirements management.
  • Automatically generated documentation ensured all teams had access to consistent information which increase productivity and efficiency.


Significant improvements were observed in all major areas of concern. The organization was now confident that their current systems met the required compliance legislation. This was achieved by leveraging the traceability features within Blueprints solution. By properly defining the business rules, use cases, and functional requirements teams were able to identify redundancies and close exposed gaps. The results lead to better downstream collaboration, requirement definition, and increased savings.

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