Leading Content and Technology Provider Selects Blueprint to Streamline Requirements Management

“Blueprint has empowered our product and technical teams to “raise their game”. We now track our entire project against the requirements under management in Blueprint."

Director of Development Support Services

Company Profile

A new division within the company has become responsible for producing a modern content delivery platform; creating content in XML markup language over a .NET architecture. The new browser interface was optimized for easy use and quick training. Within the next few years, all of the company’s content offerings will be provided through the new delivery platform.

The company was looking for a management solution that would effectively serve as a requirements definition platform and centralized requirements repository. Blueprint was piloted, validated, and eventually selected as the chosen platform for this company. Blueprint became the largest program used within the organization following some specialized requirements process from Centerline Partners.


Leading Provider of Content and Technology Solutions


Technology Services

Number of Employees

Large Enterprise

centralized repository1

Access to a
Centralized Repository
Reduced Risk & Costs

automated use case

Automated Use Case
Generation Improved
Quality of Work

Traceability and Trackability

Improved Traceability
Resulted in Consistent
& Controlled Change

“Having Blueprint on-site following the product training allowed us to fast track our configuration and deployment of the product on the initial projects. They not only supplied technical product knowledge, but also best practices from the industry as a whole.”

Sr Solution Manager

Challenges Faced

The company identified requirements as a core competency, they needed a management system that reinforces the improvement initiative. Previous practices relied on requirement documentation stored in document management systems. Within this system there were inconsistent authoring methods, a lack of common vernacular, templates were out of date, and there was limited traceability between requirements. It became increasingly difficult to review and validate requirements.

Choosing Blueprint

Due to its robust capabilities, visual simulation, test generation, and ability to scale to large projects the company chose Blueprint. The decision was made based on the success of the initial pilot program where 50 business analysts across the company used Blueprint for daily activities. The organization was impressed with the results, low cost, and risk delivery from using Blueprint. Blueprint was deployed across all Client-Development and Internal Operations groups.

The successful results made Blueprint the new program for the new delivery platform project.

Selecting Centerline Partners

To assist the team with large requirements, work effort and mitigate overall risk, Centerline Partners worked in parallel with Blueprint to integrate their Rapid Requirements Management Methodology (RRMM).  The organizations effectively reduced the costs associated to risk of large and complex migration programs. To alter existing practices, Centerline worked with senior leadership to extend and augment RRMM to create the Requirements Workflow process. In conjunction with Blueprint, the program adopted the Requirements Workflow process as the new standard to guide new ideas from conception through product delivery.


The combined approach resulted in consistent requirements and improved work quality. This translated into a predictable project schedule, less rework, and less defects. The single repository for all levels of requirements resulted in a reduced risk environment that is cost-efficient. It encouraged constant re-assessment resulting in an implemented controlled change.  

The program has been successfully deployed into live customer production operations and is being viewed by stakeholders, project team members and end users. The final result, overall was a resounding success. There was an overall improvement in project success for product teams and software stakeholders. Blueprint and Centerline will continue to combine their efforts for future maintenance activities and program releases for this particular organization.

Moving Forward

Blueprint provided an on-site Technical Engagement Manager (TEM) from their Professional Services team to help with technical roll-out and adoption of the product across the team.

The TEM worked directly with each of the project teams as they started with Blueprint and help with on-boarding of requirements as well as being a hub for technical questions and issues that were then addressed or escalated to product development.

Due to the success of Blueprint on the program, they have now standardized on Blueprint for all projects corporate-wide. Blueprint has been rolled out to over 900 enterprise users worldwide.

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