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Major Broadcasting and Wireless Communications Company Saves 150,000+ hours Re-Platforming Bots from Automation Anywhere to UiPath

Benefits Achieved

0 % of initial processes mapped to UiPath without needing manual re-coding
0 Processes re-platformed from Automation Anywhere to UiPath
0 Hours to compile and export the entire automation estate to UiPath
0 hours Saved by not having to manually re-code automations

Verizon Case Study company profile

The Challenge

This large enterprise organization invested heavily in process improvement and automation to reduce human error and improve experiences for their millions of customers. With over 12,000 task bots built and maintained across 1,500 processes, they were significantly impacted by Automation Anywhere's release of their A360 product that was going to force them to essentially migrate all of their bots from the older v11 product to the newer one.

Rather than going through a massive re-platforming effort just to change versions, the organization decided to adopt a new automation platform instead, UiPath.

Unfortunately, UiPath's tools and services were insufficient to complete the re-platforming, leaving the organization to take on this project manually - re-coding their automations from scratch in UiPath.


Before engaging Blueprint, this organization had spend almost a year on this project and had successfully re-platformed only a dozen bots.

Using Blueprint, they were able to ingest all 1,500 processes, which were instantly translated into Digital Blueprints and mapped to our Common Object Model (COM). Upon a quick analysis, they discovered that their Automation Anywhere processes mapped at a rate of 90% to UiPath's format. This analysis also allowed them to create a priority list, allowing them to identify which processes needed finalization to become production-ready. 

In the end, they were able to analyze their process estate, and then compile and export their processes to UiPath in under 60 hours. Based on the time it would have taken them to re-code automations from scratch, they saved over 150,000 hours of work and millions of dollars in re-platforming services. 


"Not only were we able to re-platform 1500 processes to UiPath in a matter of days - a mere fraction of the time we had originally budgeted - but the quality of our automations were significantly improved through the process as well."
- Director of Automation

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