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Largest Retail Bank in America Designs Processes for Automation 50% Quicker

Company Profile

Industry: Finance

Employees: 150,000+

Annual Revenue: $80 Billion 

Customer Since: 2015


"The fact is, we operate in an industry where customer satisfaction is everything, but so is compliance. We needed a game-changing technology that could easily digest our business processes, optimize them into models, and ensure our bots are not only compliant but help us exceed customer expectations - Blueprint did that for us."

- Technical Lead,  Fortune 100 Bank

Benefits Achieved

0 % Time savings on process design and modeling
0 % Time savings on RPA development
0 % Time savings on managing change, compliance, and exceptions for bots

The Challenge

As one of America's top 10 largest banks based on assets, this customer processes an average of 5 million payments per day and deals with consumer data. The method for processing these payments has historically been painstakingly manual, slow, and prone to error which means money lost—one error can be calculated at $1,000 lost due to the fees and labor associate with investigating and rectifying the error. Beyond that, customers wanted their payments processed faster and with greater accuracy.

"Blueprint's Enterprise Automation Suite helped us extract critical information, as well as design and build models in 50% of the time we had initially estimated. We were able to identify critical business processes, connect them to organizational objectives, and easily feed them into our automation tool, helping us feel confident that our bots were optimally built for our company."

-COO, Fortune 100 Bank

The Solution 

The bank chose Blueprint’s Enterprise Automation Suite to scale their RPA initiatives and improve process quality. Using Blueprint’s Business Process Modeler, the bank modeled, decomposed, and optimized the processes it wanted to automate, while accounting for regulatory dependencies using Blueprint’s Trace and Impact Explorer. By leveraging contextually rich Digital Blueprints, the bank was able to develop bots 30% quicker while streamlining compliance handling and mitigating risk.

The Results 

By leveraging the Blueprint Enterprise Automation Suite the bank modeled 20 end-to-end business process models in less than 90 days. They were able to identify prime automation candidates from those models and accelerate RPA development by 30% while also gaining 30% time savings on managing change, compliance, and exceptions for in-production bots by taking advantage of Blueprint's impact analysis and tracing capabilities. 

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