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Largest Retail Bank in America Streamlines Operations to Achieve Automation at Scale

This financial institution offers consumers, small businesses, and commercial clients with an array of financial products. The bank is a Fortune 100 company and is one of the largest banks in America.

Streamlining operations to achieve automation at enterprise-scale

Company Profile

This customer is a Fortune 100 bank and is one of America's leading financial institutions, serving individual consumers, SMEs, and large commercial clients. The bank offers a full range of banking, investing, and other financial products and services. They are committed to providing unmatched service and security for their customers. 

Industry: Finance

Employees: 150,000+

Annual Revenue: $80 Billion 

Customer Since: 2015


"The fact is, we operate in an industry where customer satisfaction is everything, but so is compliance. We needed a game-changing technology that could easily digest our business processes, optimize them into models, and ensure our bots are not only compliant but help us exceed customer expectations - Blueprint did that for us."

- Technical Lead,  Fortune 100 Bank

Benefits Achieved

0 hrs Employee time saved annually
0 /7 Operations of key business functions
0 % Reduction in automation errors

The Challenge

This Fortune 100 company is one of America's top 10 largest banks based on assets, and as a result, they are constantly processing payments and dealing with consumer data. The method for processing these payments has historically been painstakingly manual, with numerous touchpoints for employees to perform small but critical tasks. The process was repetitive, tedious, slow, costly, and a potential risk for the bank. Beyond that, customers wanted their payments processed faster and with greater accuracy. 

The bank understood that in order to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace, they must cut costs, eliminate errors that pose serious regulatory risk, and enable employees to focus on work that is driving more value to the business. 

"Blueprint's Enterprise Automation Suite helped us extract critical information, as well as design and build models in 50% of the time we had initially estimated. We were able to identify critical business processes, connect them to organizational objectives, and easily feed them into our automation tool, helping us feel confident that our bots were optimally built for our company."

-COO, Fortune 100 Bank

The Solution 

The bank chose the Blueprint Enterprise Automation Suite to enhance their RPA initiatives. Given the high volume of transactions that the bank needs to process every day, it was important that they could identify key day-to-day activities that employees took part in. This ensured that they could build bots that are fully optimized to complete day-to-day activities. In addition, the bank was able to ensure its regulatory obligations were properly decomposed, translated, and mapped to the business process models that would be automated. This was critical for this financial institution because it gave them the necessary confidence to manage change effectively. 

Key aspects of the Enterprise Automation Suite that drove automation success:

  • BlueDocs Document Importer - Extracted and digitized critical business rules, policies, and procedures from legacy software into a collaborative platform that can be traced to critical business processes
  • Test Script Mining - Used legacy information from the previous payment processing platform to fill in the gaps for the business process model 
  • Impact Explorer - Easily traced regulations and controls to business process models so that the bots are optimally designed to mitigate change 
  • Process Modeler - Captured the day-to-day activities of employees and modeled to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve the customer experience
  • Centralized Repository - A single source of truth, as the centralized repository is a versioned, secured, and auditable space for cross-functional stakeholders to refer to models, value streams, customer journeys, etc. 

The Results 

By leveraging the Blueprint Enterprise Automation Suite the bank was able to efficiently and effectively launch its automation efforts. The bank modeled 20 end-to-end business process models in less than 90 days, immediately reducing the potential for errors to take place during these processes. This led to improved customer and employee satisfaction. By eliminating the 'busy work' employees could focus on more rewarding jobs that bring value to the business. 

The Future 

The bank will continue to build and design business process models in Blueprint's Enterprise Automation Suite. They have set up an RPA Center of Excellence that supports the discovery, designing, and delivery phases of their automation journey. 

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