How Blueprint RCM Changed Compliance Practices to drive Automation & Reliability

"Blueprint has enabled us to capture feedback during review sessions, removing any misinterpretations in the stakeholder review session, significantly improving our delivery efficiency. "

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As with most large, financial services organizations struggling to achieve compliance in an environment of ever-changing and complex regulations, this Bank spent an increasing amount of time and money trying to meet the expectations of both internal and external auditors.


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Electronic Signature

Electronic Signature Capability Streamlined Formal Review-Approve Process and Aligned Industry Requirements

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Centralized Repository of Regulatory Information Enabled Regulatory Reuse, Driving Machine Learning Capabilities


Seamless Integration with Storyteller Allowed for Downstream IT Remediation

"Blueprint RCM helped us efficiency map and manage legal and risk review changes, obligations, and controls. The mapping engine helps us keep our reports organized, accessible, and audit-ready worldwide"

Sr Solution Manager

Challenges Faced

Most financial organization face the same challenges, here are a few:

Teams were spending too much time doing manual work 

 Business units were relying on a highly manual, labor intensive, spreadsheet-driven process that was prone to errors and oversights, cumbersome, expensive and static. It also made it impossible to generate reporting to provide an executive view of compliance progress.

Critical stakeholder interpretations were often missed 

 Because the process was essentially manual, it was dependent on the availability of key stakeholder participants to provide input. This made it extremely difficult to collaborate and reliably incorporate interpretive feedback.

Regulatory changes were impossible to manage 

 Regulations were changed frequently. The lack of a tool to enable detailed mapping and analysis of anticipated regulatory changes left the Bank exposed to material risk.

The Bank knew it needed a regulatory change-management solution, but it didn’t want “just” a tool. It wanted a best-in-class, enterprise platform that would enable business units to deliver effectively and efficiently on what was being asked of them.

Choosing Blueprint - Changing Compliance Practices to Drive Automation & Reliability

This Top 5 Bank sought an enterprise class platform to help deliver compliance value faster through comprehensive regulatory events mapping, workflow-driven collaboration and auditable evidence. After a thoughtful evaluation process, the Bank selected Blueprint RCM for a number of reasons, including its:

Unified enterprise-grade repository 

 With a shared, centralized repository of regulatory information, including source regulations decomposed into individual obligations, interpretations, processes, policies, procedures and controls and related system requirements, the organization has an auditable, scalable system of record. This is particularly useful for capturing feedback during review sessions where misinterpretations can be caught right away by the stakeholders during the session. A shared repository also enables regulatory reuse and can be leveraged to drive machine learning activities, including Blueprint’s Intelligent Recommendations capability.

Regulatory requirements mapping engine 

 The Bank leveraged this capability to efficiently map and manage Legal and Risk Review of Regulatory Changes, Obligations (Regulations and Business Requirements), Controls (Business and System Requirements) that are ultimately reflected in Evidence (Regulatory compliance reports to auditors). The bank has over 4,000 regulatory reports worldwide.

AI-driven source intake 

 Blueprint enables the Bank’s teams to automatically ingest regulations in a variety of ways. A Blueprint PDF highlighter utility seamlessly parses documents into ingestible components. Blueprint also offers advanced regulatory horizon scanning and intake technology that leverages AI Natural Language Processing.

Robust interpretation 

The bank leverages Blueprint RCM to automatically decompose regulatory information into discrete obligations that can be managed and addressed on an individual basis. Obligations are then interpreted directly inline, and those interpretations associated with the original regulatory text for reference along with a permanent record of the interpreter. Stakeholders are able to freely collaborate via threaded discussions either directly in the platform or via their mobile device. These important discussions are permanently recorded, helping others understand why decisions were made.

Remediation and implementation 

 The bank was able to standardize compliance and remediation activities through automated workflows that provide for assignment, notification, formal review-approve, and other capabilities to coordinate the efforts of large numbers of people. RCM’s electronic signature capability, with ‘meaning of signature’ also provided the necessary rigor to support attestation. A significant value to the bank was RCM’s seamless integration with Blueprint’s Agile Planning platform, Storyteller, which allowed for downstream IT remediation.

Leveraging Blueprint RCM for Continued Regulatory Success

The bank began using Blueprint RCM in 2016 and has now rolled it out for a wide range of regulatory compliance programs including KYC/AML, CCAR, Liquidity Risk, CECL, Basel/FRTB, MiFID II and GDPR. The bank also extended its regulatory compliance mapping to include data lineage for financial regulations by integrating Blueprint RCM with its Collibra meta-data repository.

With Blueprint RCM, the bank has the best-in-class regulatory change management solution it wanted and has already realized the full benefits of its investment in the forms of a more efficient evidence management program, a robust repository of regulatory requirements artifacts ripe for reuse and reduced operational risk.

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