Aligning Agile And DevOps Best Practices With Business Value

Moving beyond typical IT-focused metrics like speed and quality to business-focused metrics like customer satisfaction, competitiveness, profitability, etc is a mission-critical imperative in today’s digital world. 

However, most organizations don’t have a straightforward way to connect release cycle results to business goals, and 62% still rely on speed to determine the success of their efforts because they can’t measure generated business value. 

This commissioned report, conducted by Forrester, discusses:

  • Why organizations struggle to align their Agile and DevOps practices with business value
  • 4 ways to improve your Agile and DevOps initiatives to better deliver on business goals
  • How value stream management extends automation, value delivered, costs, burn rates, and other management reporting capabilities to the business to prove the value of software delivered by Agile and DevOps

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