Your journey to Agile and DevOps has made you more responsive to change, accelerated your code delivery, and increased the quality of your releases.

But, if “every company will be a software company” as claimed by CEOs the world over – from GE to Microsoft – technologists need to elevate their sights to focus on market strategy.

Accelerating digital transformation in a company demands more than speed and the automation of IT processes. It requires all stakeholders to align with a relentless focus on driving customer value through business strategy initiatives.

Agile promises this, but large enterprises struggle to scale it.

DevOps improves speed but doesn’t explicitly tie products or features to business value.

BizDevOps brings it all together. And it’s the future of IT.

In this webinar, we covered:

  • What you can do to make IT velocity the driver of digital transformation;
  • How to automate and integrate strategic business initiatives into your release pipeline;
  • How to execute BizDevOps at scale to accelerate business results.


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