Identifying and vetting business process automation candidates, and how these link with business objectives, are critical determinants of the success of any hyperautomation initiative. However, as organizations grow and expand, identifying the needed processes becomes challenging, and process complexity can rapidly become out of control. Moreover, technical debt created by fragmented organizational structures, work practices, past automation efforts and rigid automation technologies impacts the value propositions of hyperautomation initiatives.

To solve for these challenges, Blueprint integrates with the leading RPA tools, such as Microsoft Power Automate, to enable strategic business process design and analysis that helps enterprise organizations:

  • Capture and understand current business processes and prioritize them for automation
  • Identify how applications, machines and humans interact in a business process, and evaluate the current process performance data
  • Vet the automation candidates and strengthen the business case by calculating the ROI of the hyperautomation efforts
  • Identify the appropriate automation technology - whether that's Power Automate or another RPA tool you've licensed
  • Identify reusable components across processes
  • Ensure governance across hyperautomation candidates and report on compliance
  • Enable fast and effective change management when systems or regulation changes impact an in-production bot
  • Centralize process documentation within a single source of truth to provide your Center of Excellence with end-to-end visibility and control over hyperautomation initiatives

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