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Demo: How to Migrate RPA Bots from Blue Prism to UiPath


To manually migrate a single, medium complexity automation from Blue Prism into UiPath can take 4-6 weeks and cost upwards of $10,000 in development costs. For organizations that have more than 100 bots in operation, this could mean millions in potential migration costs and months or even years of development time.

With Blueprint, you can migrate automations from Blue Prism to UiPath 3x faster and at a fraction of the cost of manual migration.

Blueprint dramatically reduces the cost, effort and time it takes to complete an RPA migration by ingesting .bprelease files, deconstructing the actions, functions, and parameters that define your automations into a Digital Blueprint, and then translating and mapping those elements into a format that can be exported directly into UiPath Studio for final development before being pushed to production. This provides a smooth and rapid transition between these two RPA vendors and significantly reduces the risk of migration errors when compared to manually re-coding automations.

For answers to all your questions, check out our RPA Migration FAQ page.

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