Discover how the world's largest financial organizations use technology to meet growing regulatory demands

Financial organizations spend millions of dollars and a huge amount of man-hours every year to identify and asses risk. However, the risk environment is so dynamic that it gets increasingly difficult for these institutions to keep up with this pace - leading to poor or uninformed business decisions.

In this webinar you will discover:

  • How ‘digital-first’ services transform finance
  • The impact of innovation on regulation and compliance effectiveness
  • Emerging technologies that help overcome compliance challenges, including GDPR and SFTR
  • The impact of regtech in financial services

Blueprint CTO, Tony Higgins was joined by David Paris, Head of UK and Ireland Financial Services Consulting at Cognizant, to talk about the most effective technologies to help banks and financial organizations achieve compliance.


David Paris - Head of UK and Ireland Financial Services Consulting, Cognizant

Tony Higgins - CTO, Blueprint Software Systems

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