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Transforming Enterprise RPA: How to Scale and Govern Process Automation at the Enterprise Level

On-Demand Webinar led by Cognizant and Blueprint

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Scaling RPA to enterprise levels and ensuring governance over automated processes is a major challenge for many organizations. This not only impacts their ability to grow, but also to achieve profit targets, ensure compliance, and maintain a strategic competitive advantage.

So how can today's leaders not only scale their RPA practice but ensure governance over process automation?

In this 45-minute session, experts from Cognizant and Blueprint will discuss trends impacting modern business in 2020, and provide recommendations for an end-to-end approach from process discovery through to bot development that will effectively scale RPA enterprise-wide while ensuring compliance across your digital workforce.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why digital process improvement is imperative in today's economic landscape
  • How teams are expanding on early success to scale automation
  • Common challenges when scaling RPA, and how to avoid them
  • Best practices for selecting and prioritizing what processes to automate to optimize your enterprise ROI
  • How to scale RPA in size and complexity, accelerate automation delivery, reduce bot maintenance costs, and govern digital workforces according to rigorous enterprise and regulatory constraints using Blueprint


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J Cutler Cognizant


Joseph Cutler 

Intelligent Process Automation Line Specialist, Cognizant

Tony Higgins New Small


Tony Higgins

Chief Technology Officer, Blueprint


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Using Blueprint products has increased the automation of previously manual tasks, allowing us to deliver mission-critical business solutions faster than before.
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Blueprint creates a clear and well-documented audit trail. Its traceability features help us link all information to relevant data and regulations making sure that everything is aligned with our ultimate business goals.
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