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From Pilot to Enterprise-scale RPA: How to Amplify and Accelerate the Business Value of RPA to Build a Thriving Enterprise

Recorded at the BTOES RPA & Intelligent Automation event, June 2020

Recorded at the BTOES RPA & Intelligent Automation event, June 2020

As companies adopt an ‘automation first’ mindset and the demand for enterprise-wide automation continues to grow, business and technology leaders grapple with how to most effectively—and efficiently—plan and organize automation approaches and deployments and scale across the enterprise.

The good news for the enterprise is that wherever you are on your automation journey, there are footprints to follow to help leaders chart the best path from initial RPA pilot implementations to large scale, enterprise-wide deployments.

In this session, Blueprint CTO Tony Higgins will share how to rapidly and effectively scale RPA enterprise-wide to unleash the full value that process automation brings, create significant bottom-line impact, and design your business for long-term resiliency, including how to:

  • Prioritize and expand your RPA to broader, more complex, end-to-end business processes
  • Enable business users and developers across your organization to collaborate and manage automations from concept, to development, to implementation and maintenance
  • Accelerate RPA development
  • Reduce RPA maintenance costs by ensuring you build the right automation the right way the first time
  • Determine and manage the impact of technology or business-level changes on RPA deployments
  • Ensure the right governance for automation at scale


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Tony Higgins, CTO at Blueprint