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Citizen Designers: How Empowering Employees is the Key To Scaling And Accelerating Digital Transformation

On-Demand Webinar

To successfully digitally transform an enterprise, you must begin with a detailed understanding of how your business operates today so that you can optimize not only your business processes,  but also optimise and arm your business and operations experts with the tools they need to support and accelerate transformation activities. 
Attend this webinar to learn how to fast-track automation pipelines and scale automation programs by empowering Citizen Designers to identify, prioritize and design Digital Blueprints that define your digital future using a unique set of capabilities and best practices.
This webinar will teach you: 
  • Why the concept of the Citizen Developer is flawed and should be replaced with the idea of a Citizen Designer
  • How to analyze and identify processes that are both high value AND easy to implement
  • Best practices for accelerating the capture, prioritization, and optimization of automations using Citizen Designers

Hosted by Charles Sword, CRO, Blueprint Software Systems

Watch the On-Demand Webinar