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RPA Unlocked - How to Migrate Bots from One RPA Platform to Another to Drive Increased Business Value

On-Demand Webinar

Is it time to break up with your RPA vendor?

Due to the large number of RPA projects that have failed to meet their objectives, more and more companies are expressing the desire to switch RPA platforms. However, most have been stuck with whatever tool they initially chose because re-platforming was costly, incredibly challenging, and often also meant re-building your entire bot portfolio from scratch. Until Now.

Blueprint’s streamlined end-to-end migration process makes moving between any of the leading RPA vendors simple, fast, and affordable, thereby unlocking the entire RPA market.

From Blueprint's session at BTOES RPA & Intelligent Automation Live on February 17th, 2021, watch this on-demand webinar and discover:

  • Why 2021 will bring an influx of RPA platform migration and how to know if migration might be right for you
  • How to extract existing automations from your current RPA platform into Blueprint, creating a Digital Blueprint of that digital worker
  • How to optimize and validate Digital Blueprints before exporting them to a new RPA solution to complete the re-platforming
  • How leveraging Blueprint in tandem with your RPA tool enables you to design, build and manage high-value automations with speed and precision to scale the scope and ROI of your RPA initiatives

Watch the On-Demand Webinar