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RPA Showdown: Documents vs Digital Blueprints - Are PDDs Capable of Delivering High-Quality Bots?

Here's our theory - Using manual documentation to design and deliver RPA will inevitably lead to bots that consistently break, require maintenance, or put you at risk of non-compliance because of how easy and common it is to fail to specify critical pieces of information, and that oversight will cost you…big time.

While some of these gaps are typically resolved during development, this only represents the 'tip of the iceberg' of risk.

In this on-demand webinar, the Blueprint team will judge a PDD against a Digital Blueprint and attempt to prove our theory by:

  • Taking an in-production RPA bot designed using a PDD and reverse-engineering it into our platform
  • Comparing the bot pulled into our platform with the original PDD
  • Identifying the potential gaps between the bot in production and the PDD to show what the team failed to specify and represents the 'iceberg' risk
  • Using Blueprint's Intelligent Recommendations tool to suggest additional missed requirements that they might not have identified themselves

You’ll then see how specifying RPA in Digital Blueprints will eliminate these risks through enhanced collaboration and context, enabling you to identify and resolve gaps and errors earlier in the design phase of RPA that would otherwise cost nearly 5x more time and effort to resolve later on. 

Key Takeaways

  • Why documents are limiting your ability to deliver more value through RPA
  • What is a Digital Blueprint and how it aligns RPA at every level of the organization 
  • How to use Digital Blueprints to deliver significantly better bots at a fraction of the time it takes with documents, and with considerably less risk 
  • Understand the business outcomes of switching to Digital Blueprints - accelerated delivery, improved quality and compliance, and end-to-end alignment

Watch the On-Demand Webinar