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The Power of Focus: How to Build a Resilient and Profitable RPA program using Task Capture and Prioritization

From a Live Session on November 9th, 2021

RPA can create incredible value, but difficulty identifying and prioritizing RPA opportunities and a lack of standardization for process prioritization has created a massive roadblock to achieving that value. 

Enter Blueprint Task Capture. By enabling rapid process capture, you’ll be able to easily visualize your current-state processes, prioritize them for automation based on ease of implementation and the value they’ll deliver, and quickly implement optimized automations that accelerate your digital transformation.

Watch this session to learn:

  • How the myth of the Citizen Developer has set RPA programs up to fail and be introduced to the real MVP of your RPA program, Citizen Designers
  • How Blueprint can pinpoint which tasks are easiest and fastest to automate while simultaneously delivering the most value by percentage
  • How to quickly capture a task or process with Blueprint Task Capture to accelerate your RPA pipeline

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