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Introducing Blueprint Task Capture: Cut Through the Noise to Drive RPA ROI


Large-scale digital transformation requires a detailed understanding of your current-state operations, as well as a way to translate that understanding into an effective implementation plan. While there are a lot of task capture tools available on the market right now, the cold truth is that none of them do a good job of giving you that actionable process insight you really need to move forward effectively. That’s why Blueprint developed Task Capture. We approach process discovery from a completely different angle to reduce the noise and give you what you need most: the ability to capture, analyze and prioritise critical task details for each step of your processes to accelerate automation.

In this session, you will learn:

  1. How to analyze and identify processes that are both high value AND easy to implement.
  2. How Blueprint Task Capture eliminates manual work, gives you the end-to-end management you’ve been seeking and enables your team to quickly capture, prioritize, enhance and accelerate the automation process to drive real value from your RPA program.
  3. How we do it! With a live product demo.

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