As a SAFe practitioner, your overarching goal is to continuously deliver products that provide the maximum value and quality to your customer in the shortest sustainable lead time.

Blueprint Storyteller is the only product in the SAFe ecosystem that enables and automates Solution Intent and aligns it with the upper levels of SAFe framework while supporting Continuous Exploration. Companies use Storyteller to:

  • Automate Solution Intent. Storyteller delivers the centralized knowledge repository to store, manage, and communicate ‘what is being built’ and ‘how it will be built.
  • Automate business–IT alignment using automated workflows to connect the Portfolio and Full Solution levels all the way to Team level delivery.
  • Trace and view all artifacts across the Framework to provide complete visibility of each SAFe artifact from strategic, economic and architectural objectives to the Solution Intent, PI objectives, vision, roadmap, epics, features and user stories.
  • Enable effective collaboration between IT and the business to design and approve effective solutions.

To learn how Storyteller supports SAFe® at each level of the framework, please fill out the form to download the brochure.

* SAFe is a registered trademark of Scaled Agile, Inc.

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