Alignment = Optimized Value Delivery

When your IT DevOps toolchain is aligned with your business' needs, it's dramatically easier to optimize value delivery and ensure compliance with regulatory obligations.

Join us on Thursday, May 16th at 2PM ET to discover how to create alignment between your people, processes and technology to significantly improve delivery velocity, quality, and compliance.

This webinar includes a live product demo of Storyteller's industry-leading features and recent enhancements that will enable your organization to:

  • Drive innovation and alignment between business planning activities and IT execution
  • Increase delivery velocity by automating manual tasks and removing process bottlenecks
  • Foster greater collaboration by including enterprise stakeholders in the development process
  • Improve visibility and understanding with precision mapping, traceability, and drill-down into all downstream assets
  • Reduce risk with an easy way to track and manage regulatory changes


Chris Castle, Director of Product Management, Acquisition and Growth – Blueprint Software Systems

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