What is Storyteller?

Storyteller is the future of enterprise scale product development

The goal of agile development is to deliver greater value to your customers faster, while maintaining product quality and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Download the Storyteller product brochure to learn how it supports this goal while enabling agile product management and delivery by:

  • Bridging the gap between business portfolio planning and IT execution by aligning solution intent throughout the DevOps toolchain and effective value stream mapping.
  • Improving velocity and cycle time of releases by offering traceability features and removing product planning and definition bottlenecks.
  • Driving business innovation and collaboration by including business units and other enterprise stakeholders in the agile process outside the IT team
  • Reducing compliance risk by defining and standardizing compliance requirements, enabling transparency, auditability, and business impact analysis.
  • Seamless system integration with your existing agile and DevOps tools so that everyone can work within their solution of choice

Do not hesitate to reach out for more information on Storyteller’s robust features, capabilities and integrations.

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