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Deployment & Enablement

Blueprint is collectively configured to cater to the needs of each customer and includes deployment and enablement sessions with interactive, real-world experience so you can maximize the return on your investment. Rich in-app help and learning resources also ensure your users have all the support they need, right at their fingertips.

Deployed to Realize ROI Faster

Prior to deployment, Blueprint collaboratively works with your team to identify how to best configure your platform according to your specific needs. This optimizes the application’s impact on your organization whether the focus is on leveraging business process automation at an enterprise-scale, accelerating product delivery, or maintaining a reliable system of record.

Configured for your Needs

Blueprint is configured to contain artifacts and templates that your core teams need to manage work at scale, seamlessly aligning business strategy and compliance with IT execution.

Enable and Empower Users

Blueprint experts facilitate interactive, real-world product experience so that your core team learns how to use the solution in a way that produces immediate benefits for large, regulated enterprises that want to define solutions and accelerate and de-risk digital transformations.

Gain Impactful Insight and Skills

In an effort to fully enable your core team, Blueprint experts identify and equip your users with key functionalities that will allow you to scale process automation, ensure compliance, and build and release better products, faster.

Help Where it Matters Most

Blueprint comes with a full suite of in-app help out of the box to accelerate learning and user enablement, reinforcing key features to get the most out of the application.  

Accelerate Onboarding with Contextual Help

Interactive tutorials are provided that walk you through key features, processes, and important UI elements to accelerate your onboarding process. This smart library of help content is always available, offering users the most relevant information based on where they are and what they are doing in Blueprint.

Learning Resources

In addition to the in-app help, Blueprint comes pre-packaged with a deep library to promote and amplify the road to full proficiency with the application’s features and functionalities. 

Videos, In-depth Articles, and a Community of Users

Blueprint’s deep and comprehensive online help guide is always just a click away, along with Getting Started videos and other helpful resources.

Discover how to enable and empower your teams to scale process optimization and automation across the enterprise.

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