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Dashboards & Analytics

Run analysis to gain critical insights on all your business processes.
Make better business decisions. Reduce costs. Boost efficiency.
Transform the way work gets done.

Blueprint's Insights feature includes dashboards and analytics that deliver the data and information you need to enable effective enterprise business process analysis (EBPA). Understand the processes at the core of your organization, identify improvement opportunities, and drive real transformation and results.

Gain consolidated, enterprise-level visibility across all business processes

Centralize your entire portfolio of business processes in one solution. Leverage a transparent, holistic view of how your organization does work today and strategically improve it. 

Analyze critical details about your current processes with speed & ease

Understand critical details about your business processes through real-time reporting and analysis, including which business units have the most processes, how complex they are, process run-time and utilization, which ones may be problematic, and more. This helps you make strategic decisions on how to evolve processes to drive greater value.

Quickly identify improvement opportunities and prioritize transformation activities

With the insight at your fingertips, determine the best way to transform your processes, whether that's refactoring them, automating processes, re-deploying automated processes to new RPA tools, outsourcing, or even retiring processes that are no longer delivering ROI.

Continuously monitor processes to identify issues and proactively manage change

Run impact analyses to instantly visualize and measure the effects of change on your processes. Coordinate targeted and proactive change management from one central location. 

Gain the Visibility Needed to Drive Effective Business Transformation

Talk to one of our experts and see how you can customize your dynamic and responsive dashboards to measure how your business process improvement and automation efforts are contributing to overall business objectives.

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