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Blueprint Process Capture

Visualizing your processes from end-to-end has never been easier. Quickly and accurately capture processes from both unconventional sources like whiteboards and test scripts or the breadth of your data in process mining and process discovery tools and digitize your current-state to get a running start on process improvement and automation.

Quick and Accurate Process Capture at Scale

The first step of any automation journey is a clear understanding of "point A" - your current state. More often than not this requires detective skills and process discovery tools to uncover and stitch together a complete picture. Blueprint provides unique functionality purpose-built to extract critical information from Process Discovery and Process Mining tools or overlooked sources such as whiteboards and test cases into the collaborative platform where it can then be merged and reconciled with other process information to present a complete “current-state” picture. By enabling rapid process capture, you can easily visualize your current-state processes and quickly improve them for more efficiency, automation, or a range of other outputs. 

Integrations with Process Mining and Process Discovery Tools

Leverage the Breadth of your Data

Blueprint Process Capture integrates with the leading process mining and discovery tools so that you can quickly extract critical information from external sources into the collaborative platform to uncover more optimization and automation opportunities to gain efficiencies and reduce costs.

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Intelligent Whiteboard Importer

Capture and Digitize all Your Whiteboard Work

Whiteboards are great for collaboration. This is especially the case during early, formative stages of collaboration when teams are trying to capture thoughts, brainstorm, formulate, and analyze problems. Blueprint allows teams to collaboratively whiteboard current state processes, take a picture of the board, and then our Whiteboard Importer will parse the picture and create a ‘digital’ model of it, with every step being its own artifact that can be managed independently (traced, discussed, reused, properties added, decomposed, etc.).

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Test Script Mining

Unlock Hidden Processes in Your Test Scripts

Older applications often have little or no documentation describing how they work or how they were intended to be used. The tests hold this information, but it's often not easily accessible or readable.  This capability extracts that information and produces a graphical model of the process that anyone can read. This can then be used to augment or ‘fill in the gaps’ of processes extracted using current log-based mining tools.

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BlueDocs Document Importer

Uncover and Digitize Key Processes in Your Documents

For most enterprises, there is an abundance of critical process information that is held hostage in documents. Blueprint's BlueDocs Document Importer “digitizes” this information that’s currently held within old, inaccessible Word documents, extracting it into a collaborative platform where it can be merged and reconciled with other process information to present a complete “current-state” picture – the first step towards process optimization and then automation.

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Unlock the information you need to get the most out of your business.

Every enterprise has critical processes hidden in a multitude of sources - documents, event logs, test cases, etc. Blueprint's Process Capture tool identifies and digitizes those “hidden” processes so you can continually improve your processes for more operational efficiency and cost reduction.

Unlock Hidden Value in your Data

Unlock Hidden Value in your Data

Whether your data is sitting in a spreadsheet, Word Doc, software library, whiteboard, or locked away in separate systems of record, Blueprint can retrieve the data you need and 'digitize' it so you can get down to the business of analyzing and driving operational success.

Gain Complete Process Visibility

Gain Complete Process Visibility

Efficiently map all your business processes – including the most and least common variants. With a complete map of your processes, it’s easier to recognize the most efficient paths and discover opportunities that may have been overlooked, extending the reach of RPA.

Build a Process Optimization and Automation Culture

Build a Process
Optimization Culture

Enable a foundation of process improvement and quick-to-value automation, with guidance for scaling RPA. This action plan helps RPA champions gain buy-in and confidence from internal stakeholders to pursue true digital transformation and automation excellence.

What our Customers are Saying
Blueprint’s ability to define and decompose complex current state process flows is instrumental in enabling us to collaboratively and visually define our future state processes and potential candidates for automation.
Because Blueprint lets us shift control from IT to business, we have not only reduced our operating expenses, but also achieved the timeliness and scalability needed to better service our clients and members.
Global MedTech Company
Director of Automation
Using Blueprint has increased the automation of previously manual tasks in our development cycle, allowing us to deliver products faster than before.
Fortune 500 Healthcare Company
Business Analyst
Blueprint enabled us to accelerate our transformation through cross-functional collaboration and alignment.
Large Insurance Organization
Product Manager

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