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Process Data Ingest

Ingest and centralize your business processes from any number of sources.
Holistically analyze, optimize, and transform how you do work to
reduce costs and maximize efficiency.

Blueprint collects business processes from countless sources enabling you to centralize all process information in one place. With your entire portfolio of business processes in Blueprint, gain the end-to-end visibility and control needed to drive transformation.  Analyze your business processes, optimize them, and accelerate the downstream outputs like automation to achieve all your objectives like cost reduction, higher quality, and increased efficiency. 

Consolidate processes from process & task mining tools to visualize your current state

Blueprint ingests all your discovered business processes from the process mining, task mining, and task capture solutions you may use. Store and transform all discovered processes in one place to drive your process improvement efforts.

Ingest automations from RPA tools and enable a holistic view of your entire RPA estate

Sync your automated processes into Blueprint from any major RPA vendor. Whether you use multiple RPA tools or are looking to replatform, Blueprint allows you to fully visualize and understand your entire automation estate and improve it for higher ROI.

Feed processes from unstructured sources into Blueprint. Realize end-to-end BPM

Import processes from unstructured sources like Visio, process design documents (PDD), Excel, and even whiteboards. Truly consolidate all business process information in one platform for a complete 360 degree view of your organization.

Generate Digital Blueprints to drive all transformative outputs

Once your business processes are in our platform, automatically convert them into Digital Blueprints. This maps all processes into Blueprint's common model, making them compatible with any RPA tool for automation in addition to other downstream outputs like lo/no-code or product development. 

Discover how you can start centralizing all your process information in one place to accelerate real transformation

Talk to one of our experts and see how your organization can import all business processes into Blueprint for better analysis, optimization, and development.

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