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RPA Platform Migration

Migrating RPA bots from one platform to another is notoriously challenging and incredibly costly.

But it doesn't have to be.

As the only bot migration technology platform available on the market, Blueprint radically accelerates migrations projects while reducing costs by 75%.

Switching to a new RPA Vendor Has Never Been Easier

Blueprint dramatically reduces the cost and effort associated with bot migration by ingesting bots from the leading RPA platforms and deconstructing the automation elements from these major RPA platforms into generic representations, so they can be converted into other RPA formats. This provides a smooth transition between the top RPA vendors and enables a more robust and scalable hyperautomation initiative.

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How Blueprint RPA Bot Migration Works


To get started, package up individual bot files or entire RPA projects and import your content into Blueprint. Once imported, Blueprint will deconstruct your source script and map all actions into our Common Object Model. This will automatically create a set of Digital Blueprints that represent your bots visually as process diagrams, including the sequence of steps/logic that make up the bot structure and with all interdependencies and associations maintained. This makes it easy for you to understand exactly what processes you’re working with before you export them to your target RPA platform and makes it significantly easier for your developers to complete the bots because the initial bot structure is maintained.


Dashboards enable you to review and analyze the Digital Blueprints of your bots before migrating them. They provide a detailed assessment of the overall complexity and quality of your bots, as well as what percentage of the processes can be automatically converted into your target RPA platform without any re-coding. This provides invaluable transparency into the set of automations and can be used to prioritize the work to be done.


To complete the migration process, simply select either individual or entire sets of bots to be exported, choose the target RPA tool into which the automation will be placed, and hit export. Blueprint will automatically map all actions and parameters that were outlined within your bot’s Digital Blueprint directly into your targeted automation development environment. From there, your developers can complete any additional coding that may be needed and launch the bots into production.

Discover the benefits of migrating RPA platforms with Blueprint


Switch RPA platforms 3x Faster

Blueprint radically accelerates migrations by ingesting and converting bots into a common model, where they can be synced directly with your target RPA tool.

reduce costs

Reduce Migration Costs by 75%

Blueprint is the only solution that enables the migration of entire digital workforces without having to rebuild any bots from scratch, saving you up to 75% in migration costs.


Improve the Entire Lifecycle of Your Bots

Improve your entire bot ecosystem and RPA uptime during migration by connecting existing automations to overlooked dependencies.


Centralize RPA Governance

Gain unlimited users in one centralized repository with total, enterprise-wide visibility for increased alignment and RPA standardization that drives scale.


Manage Change Proactively

Gain instant impact analysis to precisely predict the impact of change and manage change with speed and agility to limit outages and maximize RPA uptime.

What our Customers are Saying
Blueprint centralizes our automation design requirements into a single source of truth, making it easier for our teams to collaborate.
Large Enterprise Hospitality Company
IT Systems Analyst
Because Blueprint lets us shift control from IT to business, we have not only reduced our operating expenses, but also achieved the timeliness and scalability needed to better service our clients and members.
Global MedTech Company
Director of Automation
With the centralized repository, our business teams expectations have been more aligned with [IT] capabilities. This has helped us not only virtually eliminated any need for rework, but it's also made our end-products more consistent which satisfies our customers.
Large Insurance Company
Product Owner
The greatest benefit of Blueprint is the centralized requirements repository. This has given us a single place to look for requirements when enhancing a system, rather than searching through 10+ years of defect and enhancement tickets to gain a true picture of functionality.
Medium Enterprise Healthcare Company
Business Analyst
Blueprint enabled us to accelerate our transformation through cross-functional collaboration and alignment.
Large Insurance Organization
Product Manager

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