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Workflow Accelerators

Automatically generate the assets you need for faster, higher-quality
downstream development, from any of your business processes.

Blueprint accelerates the delivery of transformation, automation, and development initiatives by producing downstream assets that save time and drive aligned work efforts. Automatically generate user stories, test cases, and other critical artifacts to drive faster and better business process transformation. 

Automatically generate complete and consistent user stories

Blueprint uses business-defined process models to automatically generate high-fidelity user stories with the click of a button. The development team gets the user stories they need without having to manually create them. And because user stories are automatically-generated, human error is removed from the equation. They are complete, consistent, and cover all scenarios defined in the process models.

Reduce risk and errors with full test coverage

Auto-generating a complete set of high-quality, well-formatted and consistent acceptance criteria and tests in an intuitive “Given-When-Then” format, along with their Gherkin feature files. Then sync them to your test management platform, putting powerful, easy-to-use test management capabilities in the hands of testing teams.

Produce standardized documentation with the click of button

Eliminate the labor-intensive and expensive effort spent on documentation. Generate documents instantly in a wide variety of formats, including formats that are customizable to your organization's needs.

Drive downstream process development, faster—today

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