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Mature your enterprise-wide Governance, Risk and Compliance practices

Blueprint Regulatory Change Manager (RCM) delivers the visibility needed to manage compliance with the regulations that impact your business, such as Basel/FRTB, CCAR, MiFiD II, AML/KYC, GDPR, and HIPAA. These and other regulations are currently costing you hundreds of millions of dollars annually and need to be managed closely across the entire organization to avoid non-compliance and the associated risks of censure or financial penalty.

RCM helps you effectively manage risk and compliance in today's world of dynamic regulatory change, unsustainable costs and severe penalties.


Even the best GRC teams struggle to enhance maturity without the right technology. Regulatory Change Manager helps you break through those limitations.

Centralize Compliance

Centralize compliance requirements across the enterprise

RCM provides a centralized repository that manages regulations, interpretations, risks, and regulatory controls related to your compliance efforts.

Analyze Business

Analyze business impact

RCM offers a holistic view of emerging regulations and their impacts on business processes, requirements and controls.

Automate Compliance

Automate compliance workflow

With RCM, you can orchestrate the enterprise-wide business processes that validate and remediate existing compliance requirements, and quickly react to changing regulations.

Map Regulatory

Map regulatory events to compliance

Map policies, requirements, and controls with RCM, right to the meta-data of your operational systems, to provide complete transparency.

Locate Evidence

Locate evidence

Collect, organize, and manage all required evidence and associate it back to regulatory interpretations to prove compliance.