The majority of Blueprint users deliver successful and compliant projects more than 40% faster with Blueprint products.

"Using Blueprint products has increased the automation of previously manual tasks in our development cycle, allowing us to deliver products faster than before." - Fortune 500 Healthcare Company

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100% of users rated Blueprint’s collaboration capabilities as superior or significantly superior
when compared to the competition

The majority of users have decreased the number of defects and regulatory misinterpretations by at least 30% by using Blueprint products.

"Both Business System Analysts and Tech Engineers love it. The tool makes our working life wonderful and provides superior tracing and impact assessment." - Application Manager, Fortune 500 Bank

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More than 50% decrease in defects 30%
31% - 40% 35%
21% - 30% 20%
11% - 20% 15%

The majority of customers experienced at least 65% improvement in their ability to manage regulatory compliance constraints
when using Blueprint

The majority of users say Blueprint products have allowed them to deliver at least 80% of their releases according to their planned timeline, scope and budget - without compromising compliance.

"Blueprint delivers centralization of process and rigor - allowing for a level of delivery standardization that our business partners previously were not accustomed to receiving." - IT Vice President, Fortune 500 Insurance Provider

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The majority of users have rated Blueprint's features as superior or significantly superior when compared with the competition.

"After using Blueprint we began to understand the  importance and value of collaborating between multiple stakeholders when creating requirements, thereby improving application quality and customer satisfaction. Blueprint is undoubtedly the best quality software companion for any developer." - Application Manager, Global 100 Insurance Company

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Test Case Generation 75%
Flexible Artifact Type Configuration 80%
User Story Generation 70%
Visual Solution Modeling 65%
Reviews, Approvals & Collaboration 80%

By adding Blueprint to their toolchain, customers are delivering
better products faster, enhancing customer satisfaction, and realizing measurable returns on their investment.

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What our Customers are Saying

Blueprint’s Storyteller is an innovative product that is geared for Agile teams facing common enterprise challenge such as distributed stakeholders, a complex domain, or regulatory concerns.

Scott Ambler
Founder, Disciplined Agile

Our favorite thing about using Blueprint is having everything in one place, especially since the requirements and processes are well linked. This is particularly helpful when we are trying to trace the Interface/Requirement details.

IT Analyst
Large Enterprise Financial Services Company

I can now run weekly reports to monitor and manage traceability between artifacts, requirements, value streams, and work statuses. Without Blueprint, simple tasks would be MUCH more time-consuming.

Business Analyst
Ally Financial

The ability to clearly define requirements has drastically improved our understanding of the required changes across all teams. The clear definition improved project delivery times and quality of work, greatly reduced costs associated with bug fixes, and rework time was lowered in the later stages of product delivery.

Business Analyst
Medium Enterprise Construction Company

Having a centralized system helps us to collaborate and align business stakeholders with end users. The fact that all departments can access - and actually want to use - our Blueprint solution helps us immeasurably with product delivery.

Risk Analyst
State & Local Government

Blueprint allows us to collaborate and align stakeholders with end users. We have been able to share information throughout various levels in the organization to get more detailed technical information.

Risk Manager
Global 100 Insurance Company

Being able to use and reuse requirements has helped us create baselines for application enhancements. The formal approval process has helped teams collaborate and become in sync with respect to product deliverables.

IT Analyst
Global 100 Insurance Company

Business requirements used to be unclear and monotonous for us. With Blueprint, we've realized the importance of collaborating between multiple parties when creating requirements, improving application quality and customer satisfaction. Blueprint is undoubtedly the best software quality companion for any developer.

Software Developer
Global 100 Insurance Company

We use the Blueprint centralized repository to manage requirements in conjunction with other ALM tools. This simplifies and reduces the amount of time needed to get requirements to our testers.

IT Analyst
Educational Institution

The traceability between backlog management (CAAC) and testing (HP ALM) tools has helped us to be able to look at requirements, requirement execution, and testing.

Product Management
Ford Motor Company

With Blueprint we have been able to create enterprise-level artifacts that can be shared amongst various projects and products, and then trace/reuse them.

Business Analyst
Large Enterprise Hospitality Company

On average, Blueprint users have experienced at least a 35% improvement in the following key release metrics:

Releases that meet business plan

Releases that meet
defined business goals

Blueprint features driving this success:

  • Automatic generation of user stories, tests, and use cases
  • Reviews, approvals, and collaboration
  • Visual Solution Models 
  • Baseline and collections
De-risk and remain compliant

Releases that meet
compliance requirements

Blueprint features driving this success:

  • Automatic monitoring & ingestion of regulatory changes 
  • Automatic document generation
  • Validation, reviews & approvals
  • Impact Analysis & Traceability
Velocity and cycle time of releases

Velocity and cycle time
of releases

Blueprint features driving this success:

  • Visual solution models & process diagrams
  • Automatic generation or reuse of user stories, tests, & use cases
  • Impact analysis, regulatory event mapping, and auditable evidence on demand

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