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Requirements Management

Easily manage complex business requirements, improve product quality, and increase delivery velocity by effectively managing requirements.
Maximize Value Delivery
Define and deliver high quality business requirements that are correct, complete, clear, and testable
Accelerate Your Time to Market
Plan, manage and deliver successful product releases more than faster.
Ensure Quality and Compliance
Reduce defects, misinterpreted requirements, and rework by at least 37%.

Defining and managing requirements
in an agile world

Building a great product requires tons of research and comprehensive planning and prep. It's important to consider the purpose of the product, its features, functionality, and behaviour. But a critical factor that often creates a requirement bottleneck is the misalignment between business and IT stakeholders. Misalignment between these two groups leads to hours of rework, slower development speed, lower product quality, and frustrated customers. 

Improving the requirements management process can significantly improve efficiency, time to market, and save valuable budget and resources - but how does this fit into an agile world? Well, agile requirements are the product owner's best friend. Agile requirements bridge the gap between business and IT stakeholders, promoting a shared view and understanding of the end-users expectations, improving overall product quality and customer satisfaction.

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Eliminate misunderstanding and effectively communicate product requirements

A good requirement should be valuable, actionable, concise, and specific - it should answer the question "What do we need?". Use the Business Process Modeler to capture, connect, optimize, and communicate product requirements, both functional and non-functional, to all relevant stakeholders.

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Run your entire organization like one
powerful team

Cross-functional collaboration is key to defining, writing, and managing requirements. Collaborative teams ensure both business and IT stakeholders are active throughout the software development lifecycle. Teams that are aligned are able to accelerate time to market, reduce time spent on unplanned work, and improve customer satisfaction

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Connect regulatory obligations and critical business information to IT capabilities

While defining and managing requirements is critical, it's just as important to understand how the finished product adds to organizational objectives. Tracing requirements back to business goals, policies, procedures, rules and regulatory obligations ensures that the results of the project match up, and support, the business goals and are compliant. 

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Are you ready to drive game-changing business innovation with effective requirements management?

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What our Customers are Saying
Because requirements are managed and defined cross-functionally, we've shortened our release cycle and reduced time spent on rework.
Fortune 500 Financial Institution
Business Analyst
[Blueprint products provide] clear visibility into requirements and traceable approvals.
Karen Lifsey, IT Vice President

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