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Legacy Software Modernization

Shift IT budgets from maintenance to innovation by automating the
redesign of legacy technology and accelerate your digital transformation.
Extract & Maintain Knowledge
Retain the value and corporate knowledge represented in your legacy requirements to plan strategically for the future
Redesign for Simplicity
Harmonize and simplify legacy business products and processes within a modern platform to easily prioritize work based on business value
Deliver More Innovation
Improve supportability and lower maintenance costs in order to shift focus and IT budgets from maintenance to innovation.

Future-Proof your Business

With widespread digitization affecting every industry, organizations are under intense pressure to be better, faster, cheaper, and safer than the competition. But companies who are still bound to legacy technology are being left behind as their antiquated infrastructure slows down development, impacts the quality of the final product, and makes it nearly impossible to address changes throughout the development lifecycle. 

Fortunately, legacy modernization can help your future-proof your organization. A digital transformation combines the strength of old business applications with modern-day technologies and software architecture to build a robust platform. Companies that modernize legacy systems can accelerate development, improve product quality, and be more agile throughout the development lifecycle.

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Reduce costs and empower teams to innovate, adapt, and deliver value faster

If you're still stuck in legacy systems, you're probably spending upwards of 60% of your IT budgets to maintain it. Use the Business Process Modeler to consolidate, visualize, and redesign legacy systems. Your teams will have a clearer focus on furthering business goals, reducing costs associated with legacy maintenance, and improving organizational productivity.

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Align IT capabilities with business goals by removing the technical silos

Easily plan for the future - design and deliver products that exceed customer expectations faster and without the burden of legacy software. A modernized legacy platform breaks down the barriers between your IT and business teams, promoting greater alignment between IT capabilities and business goals. Use the Collaboration Hub to reduce the complexity of reviews and approvals, streamlining development processes for all teams. 


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Retain valuable corporate knowledge and plan strategically for the future

Get over the fear of legacy software modernization - use the Collaboration Hub to extract and maintain critical corporate knowledge in a centralized, and versioned repository. By ensuring the core business protocols are stored, organizations will improve overall efficiency, create a baseline for future development, and set the stage for a seamless software transformation. 


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Are you ready to shift focus from maintenance to innovation?

Speak to one of our experts to learn how to get started with Blueprint's leading solution for legacy software modernization.

What our Customers are Saying

Since implementing Blueprint, PT Astra has significantly improved product release times, development velocity, and their ability to achieve business plans.

Since introducing Blueprint, The City of Toronto increased their cycle release times, development velocity, and number of timely releases by up to 40%
Storyteller, unlike our other tools, is a space for all our stakeholders to work within and collaborate to deliver high-quality products, time after time.
Large Financial Services Company
IT Systems Analyst