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Process Governance & Standardization

Create an end-to-end framework for governing your business process analysis and improvement programs. Blueprint provides the visibility and control needed to simplify an ever-changing landscape of business and information risks.

Establish High-Standards and Guardrails
for your Entire Process Ecosystem
Establishing end-to-end governance over your company-wide process improvement plans is not an easy task. Blueprint's centralized process management console makes it easy to ensure improvement initiatives are happening the right way.

Manage all business processes from one central tool

Blueprint's unified repository holds both regulatory and business artifacts that are versioned, secure and scalable. These include all of your business processes as well as source regulations, decomposed into individual obligations, interpretations, policies, procedures and controls and related system dependencies.

Guide improvement efforts through configurable workflows

Orchestrate the improvement of process assets through a workflow that is configured to your specific needs. Blueprint's workflow feature helps to guide applicable people through a governed, repeatable process for analyzing and executing on improvement initiatives. It provides security to ensure only those permitted to take actions are able.

Enforce design standards & consistency

Improve efficiency and enforce design standards enterprise-wide by enabling all users to store, search, and re-use predefined, validated content from a centralized process library. This reduces the volume of processes you need to manage and enables you to shift into a mode of ASSEMBLING processes from standard components instead of authoring from scratch.

Reduce downstream risk during change management

Analyze the impact and likelihood of risks related to regulatory updates or other process changes using the highly-visual impact mapping function. Understand the inter-relationships of processes, systems, controls and more so you can thoughtfully plan for change in a way that reduces risk and rework downstream.

Streamline reviews and approvals to accelerate time to value

Manage reviews and approvals digitally from within Blueprint. Users can easily access the specific content they need to review and rapidly provide feedback or approval to the necessary stakeholders. All feedback, approvals, and review interactions are also captured within Blueprint, making them easy to report on and always accessible for audit purposes.

Access auditable evidence on-demand

Collect, organize and manage all required evidence and associate it back to regulatory interpretations to demonstrate compliance for internal and external auditors. Leverage the ability to reference baselines that are sealed in time to further support the audit process.

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