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Regulatory Change Management

Transform how your organization manages regulatory change and proactively ensure global regulatory compliance.
Reduce Regulatory Overhead
Automatically source applicable regulations and rapidly assess the impact of regulatory changes to proactively ensure global regulatory coverage and corporate compliance
Ensure Global Regulatory Compliance
Map regulatory obligations through all business assets and even into operational business system data (data lineage) to provide the visibility needed for effective and efficient management of the regulatory change process
Demonstrate Compliance On-Demand
Easily collect, organize and manage all required evidence to demonstrate compliance for internal and external auditors

Drive an Effective Regulatory Change Management Strategy Enterprise-Wide

Compliance is about making sure that you're doing the right thing and being able to prove it. Today, organizations face an even more demanding compliance environment, and they're spending extraordinary amounts of time and money to protect the business and its customers. 

For organizations to be truly always 'audit-ready,' compliance and regulatory change management must be a part of the inherent day-to-day activities of all stakeholders. This means making compliance a critical part of the software delivery lifecycle - from ideation to delivery.  

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Mitigate risk, ensure compliance, and create a single source of truth

Never miss a regulatory change or update again - quickly uncover the latest regulatory content from thousands of sources while aggregating and connecting all regulatory assets in one centralized and secure location. Blueprint's technology empowers compliance and regulatory change management teams to proactively plan and prioritize regulatory changes and standardize across the enterprise.

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Visually connect your business goals and IT capabilities to regulatory obligations

Interactive impact analysis combined with comprehensive visual modelling solutions, reveals dependencies between business objectives, IT capabilities, and regulatory obligations, empowering compliance stakeholders to see the impact, ensure change is always accounted for, and create alignment on regulatory obligations across the organization. 

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Provide accountability without impacting delivery speed and compliance

Compliance and effective regulatory change management is an enterprise-wide goal. Use Enterprise Analytics & Reporting to monitor regulatory changes/updates, understand the dependencies from source regulation through to remediation, and ensure all stakeholders are up-to-date on compliance obligations so that delivery speed and innovation are not impacted.

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Are you ready to transform how you manage regulatory compliance?

Speak to one of our experts to learn how to get started with Blueprint's leading solution for regulatory change management.

What our Customers are Saying
Blueprint's centralized repository has made it so much easier to keep track of regulatory change and ensure our products are compliant.
Fortune 500 Healthcare Organization
Requirements Manager

By using Blueprint, MetLife was able to reduce the effort needed to write and generate high quality user stories and requirements
Blueprint creates a clear and well-documented audit trail. Its traceability features help us link all information to relevant data and regulations making sure that everything is aligned with our ultimate business goals.
Fortune 500 Healthcare Company
IT Compliance Officer
With Blueprint’s centralized repository, we're able to build traces between artifacts and gain a comprehensive understanding of the system of interest from both operational and regulatory perspectives.
Large Enterprise Energy & Utilities Company
Compliance Analyst