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RPA Analytics

How well do you really know your current automation estate?

Unlock new data and insights designed to help you eliminate redundancy, save money, and improve the quality of your RPA portfolio.

Are your Automations Leaving Money on the Table?

Intelligent Automation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are billed as true time and money savers—eliminating repetitive manual tasks and freeing up valuable time and resources. However, if you have a substantial portfolio of automated processes, you could be losing money in the form of excess maintenance costs, redundant RPA licensing fees, duplicate processes, unused automations, or an overuse of expensive application licenses.

Ask yourself:

  • Are all of our automated processes delivering value? 
  • Are there any redundant or unused processes? 
  • Are our processes too complex and error-prone?
  • Are you drowning in unexpected maintenance fees?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then using Blueprint's native RPA Analytics dashboards could help your organization win back millions of dollars in potential savings. 


On average, 30% of an automation estate is redundant or problematic. 

Get rid of waste.
Maximize the value of your automation portfolio.

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Prepare to Migrate with Blueprint's RPA Analytics
Planning to move to a new RPA platform? Use Blueprint to analyze & understand your estate to ensure your project is completed successfully & under budget.

Understand your RPA Estate Before a Migration

If you are switching RPA tools, you need to assess your current estate to eliminate redundancies and ensure that all of your processes are worth moving over. 

Create a Migration Plan Based on Facts

Blueprint shows you which processes can easily move to your new platform and which processes might require additional support from a developer. 

Continuously Monitor & Improve your RPA Estate

Access instantly populated dashboards that include information such as commonly used applications, automation runtimes, redundant processes, and more. 

Understand your automation estate.
See where to improve it.

Receive a comprehensive analysis of your entire automation portfolio with detailed, actionable recommendations for optimization.

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